Vote your Coin

Our goal at VaultMeX is to offer our customers as many cryptomarket options on as possible. However we do not want to flood the space with unpopular markets. That's why we are asking you to make the decision by voting.

VaultMeX welcomes paid votes. As a user you can express your confidence in an emerging coin by offering 0,00005 BTC for each additional vote. Not only will this system promote the most viable and attractive coins, but will also help us advance VaultMeX's platform. All paid-for votes will be easily accessible by public at blockchain link.

Voting process is an integral part of adding coins to VaultMeX. However, some cryptocoins will be added based on the sole discretion of VaultMeX's team.

If you wish to add your coin to the voting list, you can submit a ticket on our Support Center.

Voting List

[SEC] ScarceCoin 0 Votes